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Following most major RoadRallies of the 1950's was a tie deciding "Driving Test" involving simple manoeuvrability sections, which involved "parking the car" against the clock. Gradually Driving Tests became a discipline of motor sport of its own and in the 1960's developed into Autotests.
Autotests involve driving the car on a timed, predetermined memorised route, with penalties added for striking markers, bad positioning on the lines and not completing the test correctly.

Vehicles are classified according to overall length, body type, and engine size into seven classes.

Despite the apparent need for optimum power and handling capabilities it is possible to be competitive in a standard road car, driver skill being the important ingredient.

Notable drivers who cut their teeth in the world of Autotesting include Trevor Smith (1991 National Rally Champion), Colin McRae (1991/1992 British Rally Champion and 1995 World Rally Champion) and Russ Swift (Professional Stunt Driver).



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