Motorsport UK Marshals Registration & Grading Scheme

Motorsport UK marshals' registration and grading scheme is designed to define a clear structure within the sport and, for those who wish to do so, a progression pathway that recognises experience gained.

This sport-wide scheme, acknowledges the commitment volunteers have, by recognising and logging their attendance at events as well as providing space to record these signatures on their personal record card. To cater for a range of training needs, training days will be focused on both existing upgrade requirements as well as new modules and there will be a section on the card for Motorsport UK Trainers to complete to note experiences gained during the training programmes.

If a marshal wishes to maintain a current grade, the maintenance process is very simple - 4 full days marshalling per year and an advisory 1 training day per year but we recommend a minimum of 1 training day every 2 years.

Grading Scheme Documents

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