Who are Volunteers in Motorsport?

marshals working on rally carWe are a Motorsport UK backed initiative to encourage more people like you to become involved with the sport.

We can help you get involved  in many roles, such as:

  • Marshal
  • Timekeeper
  • Technical Official

The perfect way to get close and really enjoy the sport and a disability doesn't necessarily stop you being involved.

We are here to get you on track for ACTION, EXCITEMENT, INVOLVEMENT and making new friends.

Whatever your chosen area is within Motor Sport, we can help you get involved, whether it's:

  • Car Racing
  • marshals removing race carRallying
  • Karting
  • Sprints
  • Hillclimbs
  • Cross-Country
  • Trials
  • Autotests

and many other forms of motor sport.

Whatever YOU need we can help direct you to information regarding, training, venues and clubs near you.


Quite simply, we think you will enjoy it.

Every motor sport activity in Britain needs volunteer Marshals and Officials to make those events happen and run safely.

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