There are several areas within specialist marshalling and the following pages provide more detail on the various disciplines:
  • Radio Marshal - Motorsport UK Safety & Medical Frequency
    Radio marshals are an important and vital part of the communications network on Rallies. By becoming a Radio Marshal and operating on special stages, you will be 'up close and personal' with the on stage action, monitoring the passage of competitors and reporting any unusual occurrences. Under the guidance of the event Radio Controller, the Radio Marshals provide ongoing information concerning the stage from the start, mid stage and finish points, contributing to the safe running of the event. If you are interested in becoming a Radio Marshal, either contact us or your local Motor Club, or one of the Radio Coordinators throughout the Country

  • Radio Controller - Motorsport UK Safety & Medical Frequency
    Radio Controllers of Motorsport UK Safety & Medical frequency are licensed by Motorsport UK after successfully completing a documented training programme. They are usually experienced Radio Marshals who wish to take the next step. The role of a Motorsport UK licensed Radio Controller is to ensure that the Safety & Medical frequency used on an event is operated to Motorsport UK guidelines and provides the event with an efficient and informative radio network

  • Radio Coordinator - Motorsport UK Safety & Medical Frequency
    Radio Coordinators are appointed and licensed by Motorsport UK. They are experienced Radio Controllers and proficient in the organisation, application and operation of the Motorsport UK Safety & Medical frequency. They also provide advice to event organisations and Motor Clubs in addition to providing training for Radio Marshals

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  • Recovery
    Providing recovery services to competitors unlucky enough to break down or go off the track on events.

  • Recovery Assessors 
    Recovery Panel Approved Recovery Assessors and Trainers

  • Recovery Trainers 
    Recovery Panel Approved Recovery Trainers

  • Rescue
    The people who provide emergency rescue cover to all types of motor sport events

  • Rescue Assessors 
    Rescue Panel Approved Rescue Assessors and Trainers

  • Rescue Trainers 
    Rescue Panel Approved Rescue Trainers

  • Technical Officials (Scrutineering)
    Checking that cars are safe and appropriately prepared for the events

  • Timing
    Providing accurate results for all types of motor sport


There are several groups within Motorsport UK representing marshalling and the following pages provide more detail on the various committees:
  • Volunteer Officials Advisory Panel
    The body within Motorsport UK's decision-making and legislative process, who pull together the activities of the Marshals Working Group, Training Working Group, timekeepers, scrutineers and other volunteer officials.

  • Marshals Working Group
    The people who represent marshals at Motorsport UK.

  • Training Working Group
    The people who provide marshals training support at Motorsport UK.

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