MSA Trainers, Assessors and Coaches

  • MSA Buddy
    A MSA Buddy is an experienced marshal who helps others to gain marshalling experience and knowledge - on events. They typically work in a club and provide help, encouragement and support to trainees and those who are working towards upgrading their license.
  • MSA Instructor
    A MSA Training Instructor has motor sport experience and is qualified to share this knowledge with others in a structured way. They will typically work as an instructor on MSA Training Events across the country delivering specific topics to small groups of marshals. Apply to be an Instuctor (acrobat pdf)
  • MSA Lead Trainer
    A MSA Lead Trainer is an experienced MSA Instructor who is qualified to share their knowledge and skill with larger groups of people, typically delivering presentations to the whole group on a MSA Training Day.
  • MSA International Trainer
    A MSA International Trainer is a selective appointment for individuals who are qualified to share specific expertise and have been assessed to have the experience and skills to deliver in an International context, typically to other national Motor Sports Federations in membership of the FIA.
  • Recovery Assessors 
    Recovery Panel Approved Recovery Assessors and Trainers

  • Recovery Trainers 
    Recovery Panel Approved Recovery Trainers

  • Rescue Assessors 
    Rescue Panel Approved Rescue Assessors and Trainers

  • Rescue Trainers 
    Rescue Panel Approved Rescue Trainers



    There are several groups within the MSA representing marshalling and the following pages provide more detail on the various committees:
    • Volunteer Officials Advisory Panel
      The body within the MSA’s decision-making and legislative process, who pull together the activities of the Marshals Working Group, Training Working Group, timekeepers, scrutineers and other volunteer officials.

    • Marshals Working Group
      The people who represent marshals at the MSA.

    • Training Working Group
      The people who provide marshals training support at the MSA.

    Buddies, Instructors, Trainers, Assessors and Marshal Representatives

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